Monday, October 13, 2008

The Only Palin We Want is Tina Fey

Hi, everyone.

There's a petition going around that asks Lorne Michaels NOT to give Sarah Palin any more network exposure by allowing her to appear on SNL on October 25th--just one week before the election.

The information and link are below. There is an optional donation link afterwards, but you don't have to donate in order to sign the petition. Please read it and pass it on.

From the petition:

Since joining John McCain on the Republican ticket, Governor Sarah Palin has injected the presidential campaign with a venomous tone unbecoming of the office she seeks.

In her most recent rallies, she has fueled racial hatred, riling up her angry base by questioning Barack Obama's background and suggesting he "pals around with terrorists."

Now Palin is angling to appear on Saturday Night Live alongside her alter ego Tina Fey. And rumors are circulating that she has been invited to appear on the October 25th episode of the highly rated comedy. That's just one week before the election.

We have all witnessed this year how Saturday Night Live's political sketches can affect the political conversation and sway public opinion. In particular, any candidate who has appeared on the show has experienced a post SNL bump in popularity.

Providing Sarah Palin with this televised forum to charm the American audience just one week before the election would not only be a misguided decision, it would be downright irresponsible.

So I hope you will take a moment to sign this petition urging Lorne Michaels and the other writers and producers of Saturday Night Live not to give Sarah Palin this additional network exposure. And I hope you will pass this petition along to anyone you know who might be interested in signing it.

Let's remind the producers of Saturday Night Live that the only Sarah Palin we wish to see on their show is the one played by Tina Fey.



Collin said...

I don't agree with that, esp. if Fey is going to come out swinging like she did in the last sketch where she played up the hypocrisy of her daughter basically being forced into marriage with the baby daddy to save political face. Fey plays Palin as a total moron and it connects.

stacebro said...

I know. I totally agree, but I think that's the thinking person's understanding of it--and of Fey's brilliance. For me, it's not about whether or not Palin, or the audience, will "get" what Fey is doing. What I agree with in this petition is the idea that Palin shouldn't be given ANY additional network exposure--and certainly not on a popular program. She should be boycotted on the principle that she is a hatemongerer.

agarthi said...

Help stop the hate - here are three things you can do to make a difference right now:

1. Sign the petition to end incitement of hatred by McCain/Palin.

2. Write your Congressperson about it.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

And spread the word!